Choose the Expert Internet Filtering System

Happinetz Box

Safe Internet for Kids

Happinetz connects to your home router, wired or wirelessly to filter out age-inappropriate content. It also comes with a personalized screen time manager.

  • Innovative Patent-filed Technology
  • Tailored Age-Appropriate Filters
  • Robust Safeguards against Bypassing

Manage Popular Apps with more control

From social media to OTT platforms, design your kids’ internet as per your needs. Customize what’s right to keep your kids safe online. Happinetz helps manage popular apps at the click of a button.

Easy Plug & Play Setup

Plug the Happinetz Box to your home router and download the Happinetz App. You’re now ready to manage internet screen time, filter out age inappropriate content and get insights into your kids' internet activity.

Download Happinetz App

Do More With Happinetz

Happinetz Makes it Simple

  • To protect your children online by an exhaustive filtering system
  • To set healthy internet schedules by a personalized screen time manager
  • To understand how your child is using the internet through Insights & History
  • To protect children 24X7 online, we continuously monitor and update
110 Million + Websites & Apps
18 Million + Adult websites
4 Million + Unsecured websites

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