When we asked parents about children and the internet, two of the most pressing concerns that came up were worries about the type of content on the Internet that their child was exposed to. And the helplessness of not being able to regulate screen time effectively.

These two sentiments became the cornerstones for Richa and Vikas, co-founders of Happy Parents Lab, while they worked on developing a solution that could filter something as vast as the internet for children.

The length, breadth and complexity of the task were soon made clear to them. They realized that the solution they created would have to continuously monitor and filter more than 110 million websites and apps. It would have to be a robust system, with no workarounds.

While the technology that would power such a product was under development, Richa and Vikas also understood that the solution would have to be accessible to all parents, irrespective of their tech knowledge. It would have to be customizable too since parenting is a journey and not all days are the same. They then started to work on an app that would provide a user-friendly interface to allow parents to set internet schedules and keep their children safe any time, from anywhere in the world.

After 1 year of research and development, Happinetz, Safe Internet for Kids, was born.

Richa and Vikas envision Happinetz to be the expert ally of the parents. A tech solution that can assist today’s parents in addressing today’s problems by providing children with a safe internet playground to thrive and play in.


Richa, raised in Lucknow, immersed herself in the city's literary culture and embraced the internet's early influence. Her passion for blogging and social media catapulted her to become one of the nation's top bloggers and a TEDx speaker. Building upon this success, she founded Blogchatter, India's most vibrant community of bloggers.

However, when Richa became a parent, her attention turned to the internet's darker side she had once encountered. Committed to finding a user-friendly solution, she dedicated a year to developing the plug-and-play gadget, Happinetz, a Safe Internet Playground that tackles challenges of the digital age for children.

Richa Singh


Vikas hails from a small town in Rajasthan, very early on in his life he realised that the only stepping stone to success is to push boundaries of one's limitations and crack the impossible. The first of the many was his admission in IIT Roorkee, where he graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree.

Continuing his experience as an entrepreneur, he believes that tech and Happinetz can work as a tool to have healthy conversations around internet usage, without resorting to surveillance of their online activities.

Vikas Agarwal