The Happinetz system is designed to provide internet filtering and control features for devices connected to it. When the Happinetz system is working properly, there are visible signs on your device that indicate its functionality.

Let's dive into them.

How the loading page could look like if a website or app is blocked

In case a website gets blocked (due to internet schedule off or category off) the loading page can look like:

  1. Redirected to Happinetz Block Page
  2. Clash of redirect Error on Browser
  3. Browser does not have Internet

In case an app gets blocked (due to internet schedule off or category off) the loading page can look like:

  1. App indicating an error that there is no internet
  2. App getting stuck on Home Screen and not moving ahead
  3. App getting a white or blank screen

How the Internet seems to be working even when the schedule is off

Sometimes though, even when the schedule is off or a device is paused, the internet seems to be working by displaying the content. This happens because:

  1. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any Social media Apps
    Because of the massive local cache that Social media Apps are able to often collect, it takes about five minutes for the app to be completely shut off. But if you try to open these on browser, it will be shown as blocked.
  2. YouTube
    Beyond the five minute cache, sometimes YouTube might play a few seconds of any video, especially ads. This is because of YouTube's local app settings on Android devices.
  3. OTT Apps
    In case a schedule is switched off or a device is paused while a video is being played on an OTT app, it is possible that the video continues playing because the content loading has already happened. This is applicable for YouTube videos as well.
  4. Search Engine
    If the internet schedule is off or a device is paused, search engines like Google, Bing may show search results when you search for anything. However, none of the links, if clicked, will open.
  5. WhatsApp
    Calling and texting via WhatsApp app will always work on Happinetz, irrespective of whether the schedule is on or off or WhatsApp is blocked through category filtering. This is to ensure that some form of communication is always available to a child on Happinetz in times of urgency etc.

What to do when your Happinetz Box is not able to generate Internet?

The Happinetz Box will not get any internet if your ISP’s internet goes down. Do note that when the ISP's internet comes up, the Happinetz Box takes about ten to fifteen minutes to stabilize the internet supply. You can always switch it off and on to speed up this process.

Here are some troubleshooting steps that you may try.

  1. You can simply switch it off and switch on to restart the internet services. In almost all scenarios, this will start the internet if the time schedule is on.
  2. If you still feel you are not able to get Internet on the said device, then check
    If the internet schedule is on for the mode
    Device is not Paused from the Happinetz App
    Website or app that you are trying to open is not part of a switched off category or blacklisted from the Happinetz App
  3. Reach out to our Support team for assistance in case the box still doesn’t push the internet.

When operating smoothly, the Happinetz system's visible signs on your device guarantee seamless internet filtering and control features.