Customer reviews

I really love this product, I am really impress with happinetz's filtering system. it really works

I am mom of a young kid aged 5 and a teen aged 13. Both have different internet usage needs. Happinetz's mode based system makes things much easier for me as it provides age-appropriate internet for both of them.

I can easily set different screentime slots for both my kids. I can even extend or pause the internet on their phone when required. This flexibility is great.

Happinetz gives me insights into my kid's browsing. I can understand what they are watching or reading up on the internet and which social media platform or app they are using frequently.

Excessive screentime is a big issue with kids these days impacting their physical, emotional needs and even academic performance. Happinetz helps a great deal lot in monitoring their screentime.

Happinetz is the best thing that has happened to me in the last few months. I can now give my mobile phone to my daughter worry-free. It's smart filtering system blocks all age-inappropriate content.

Happinetz is easy to install and the entire process is hasslefree. I also like their easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials which are of great help.

Very satisfied with Happinetz working. There are no glitches and once a setting is in place, I can rely on it completely.

Definitely recommending it to my colleagues who have children. Happinetz helps with online safety.

I am now able to set up Internet schedule for my child even when I am away at work. Fantastic solution to keep children safe.

I am an educator and blown away by how completely it can keep children safe online while they are learning.

Just ordered a new box for my sister and leaving a short note here to say I am a very satisfied customer.

A tech solution even for tech challenged parents. Happinetz has made life easy at home.

The advanced filtering capabilities are impressive.

Safe browsing for children is now a reality with Happinetz.

This is a simple to use box with advanced features. Am very pleased with Happinetz.

Very easy to install, even if you are not tech savvy. Excellent support on the website too.

Happinetz box is a must-have for parents to keep their children secure in the online world.

I can monitor my kids' activities online without having to look at their devices. Happinetz is a boon.

All age-appropriate content is blocked and I need not have to figure out whether individual websites or apps are safe or not.

Round the clock online protection for your children through Happinetz. It delivers what it promises.

With unsafe and unsecured websites blocked through Happinetz, I can be assured that there would be no online dangers.

Been using it for more than a month and I am a very satisfied customer.

The filtering system is exhaustive. Very helpful for parents.

Blacklist and Whitelist feature is very helpful as it helped with creating a personalised internet schedule for kids at home.

Extending or pausing internet for the day is a very useful feature.

The Insights and History feature lets me in the know without any unnecessary hassles and conflicts.

Extending or pausing internet timings on a need to need basis is a game changer in my home. That is a lot of flexibility from a parental control filter.

The customization available to parents is amazing! I can curate what my children see online, and that safety is so reassuring.

The ability to choose which social media platforms to allow for my child is very helpful. Happinetz has made me very happy indeed.

No ugly wires, no bulky apparatus, I am very happy with the fact that the Happinetz box can be connected wirelessly.

Delighted with Happinetz! it is so simple to set up and my children were accepting once I explained how the filter works in their favour.

My family likes the fact that Happinetz can take care of all the devices at home, covering the laptop, phones and tablet that my kids use.

A very useful parental control filter, especially in these times of keeping children safe online.

We can add all the devices we use at home to the Happinetz system. iPads, iPhone, Android phone, laptop, PC, and even Smart TV. I needn't go about wondering how I should have different parental control systems for each of these devices.

I like the feature of extending time slots on different occasions that lets your children know that Happinetz is customisable and can be friends with them.

Happinetz allows you to check the categories of any link and you can also whitelist or blacklist them if not done by already.

With Happinetz, you can partially switch off a few of the social media platforms and keep the rest active as per your child's age.

The Happinetz app lets you connect 10 devices at one time. This process is hassle-free and makes everyone's lives safer

I love the fact that only one app on parents' phone manages all devices and there are no apps installed on children's phones.

Happinetz is truly a 2 AM friend when it says it constantly filters the internet for our children all around the clock even when we are sleeping.

Happinetz has enormous features that make your child's internet activities safer. Now parents can relax and let Happinetz takes the control

Roblox is a debatable game and is blacklisted by default. I was amazed to see that it can be whitelisted as my child plays it with his friends.

Happinetz controls my child's screen time and that is the best relief I can get from this Parental Control Box. Now my child spends his time on other things as well

The ease of extending time slots and setting 2 slots for every mode is a fantastic feature of Happinetz. I simply love the product

The reward cards are a cool package with this Parental Control Box that gets you into a win-win situation with your child

Happinetz modes are changed swiftly with just one app to manage all. It is the best feature.

Happinetz lets you switch between kid, teen and adult modes that can be managed through one app on the parent phone is awesome

The exhaustive filtration system protects my child from adult and age-inappropriate content which makes our lives safe.

Happinetz can connect 10 devices at a time which is a very good feature as my child plays on different devices at different times in a day.

The mode-based system is a great feature. The default settings are perfect for my kids who easily fall into the kid and teen mode. Thank you Happinetz!

I get an alert soon after my kid's device is disconnected from the Happinetz wifi. Parenting made smarter!

One can also whitelist or blacklist any domain. This feature is highly appreciated.

The internet access limits feature is a game-changer for parental control! I love how our system allows me to tailor my child's online schedule to align with our family's preferences.

With Happinetz I can whitelist or blacklist any website I feel my son shouldn't be seeing. This option is the best!

Happinetz helps with curbing social media addiction. By default, social media is off for kids mode. And we can easily make changes in the categories by switching them on or off.

I can easily set screentime schedules for my kids now. It also lets me pause and extend the timings.

I am convinced that Happinetz is worth buying because it takes care of your child's online safety. It blocks age-inappropriate content and I can schedule internet schedules too.

I liked the product and its effectiveness. It's a must-buy for all parents looking forward to providing safe internet for kids.

Happinetz has correctly captured parents' concerns about unsafe internet and fear of early exposure to adult content by children

This product is very relevant in today's digital world. My kids are now happily playing online with manageable time slots.

Happinetz is worth buying because it is easy to install and register. There's just one app on the parent phone to manage all.

Internet is very unpredictable an as our children are mostly on the internet for different purposes, Happinetz comes as the perfect solution to all problems.

Happinetz is the perfect product for managing, filtering and providing history of child's internet activities

Happinetz solves my problem of keeping a check on my child's internet activities and filtering the adult content

Happinetz is a product relevant for all parents today where every work is accomplished through the internet. Your child is safe with Happinetz

I am overly concerned about my child's internet usage because any wrong link can expose him to inappropriate content. Happinetz is the perfect solution for providing a multi-level filtration system.

Happinetz is worth buying for your child's safe internet practices. Be a stress-free parent as Happinetz takes care of filtering all adult content around the clock for your child.

Happinetz is helpful for children when I have to manage their screen time as it simplifies adding time slots.

I installed Happinetz with ease and am happy using it for filtering my child's internet activities. It is worth buying.

I like Happinetz as it makes my job of tracking my child's internet usage easier. Its insights feature gives the websites browsed but not the actual webpage maintaining the child's privacy.

I recommend Happinetz to all parents because the internet does not discriminate and every child needs to be protected.

Happinetz is the need of the hour product. It makes life so much easier and more manageable with its multi-level filtering system.

My friend recommended Happinetz to me and now I am doing the same as it's simply the most helpful product for both parents and children

Happinetz is really helpful with its multi-level filtration system.

Happinetz helps me to spend more time with my child as he obediently finishes his screen time and plays with me

Happinetz shows me the insights into my child's internet browsing that keep me updated on my child's activities

I am happy with Happinetz. It is surely a mix of filtering, time managing and providing insights of my child's internet activities.

I have been using Happinetz for the past 2 months and I am definitely happy

Happinetz has become a blessing in managing screen time of my kids. I cannot always be around to watch them and this is a great tool that comes in handy then.

I'm thrilled with the flexibility our system offers in setting internet access limits for my child. The ability to customize their online schedule according to my preferences is a game-changer!

Happinetz has solved my biggest concern about adult content coming to my child's screen by providing a multi-level filtering system

With Happinetz, I am a stress-free mom now as the internet shuts down for my child until the next time slots gets active.

I am a cool dad but with Happinetz I have become confident as its multi-level filtering system takes care of all age-inappropriate content coming up on my child's screen.

Happinetz has given us a happy family. Now we are relaxed about our child's internet activities as the product product provides exhaustive filtration system.

I bought Happinetz on my wife's recommendation but now I feel it was a good decision. There are fewer screentime arguments in my house now

Now I feel I should have purchased Happinetz a bit earlier because my house is quite happy now with my child's internet activities under control.

A very good product for today's digital world. It was easy to setup and install.

Happinetz has brought happiness to my family. Now we watch individual gadgets but without any fear of adult content breaching my child's internet activities

Happinetz is worth buying as it gives your child a safe playground for his internet activities. Its exhaustive filtration system is the best

I like Happinetz more than my children as it gives me space to just sit and relax. It takes care of my children's activities by managing their screen time by adding time slots

I recently purchased Happinetz, and I must say it is an excellent way to manage screen time for my child

Having Happinetz installed is like having a virtual assistant dedicated to ensuring my child's online safety, leaving me with peace of mind.

Happinetz setup is hassle-free. And I need to download the app only on my phone. No installation of any apps is required on any of the kids' devices which is amazing!

Happinetz delivers what it promises. It's exhaustive filtering system block millions of adult and unsecured websites and apps from reaching my kid. That itself is a huge plus! I needn't worry about his online safety now.

Happinetz is a perfect gift for parents this festive season. It takes care of all the online safety needs for your kids.

The ease of management and monitoring control is what draws me to the whole Happinetz system. Thank you for bringing this to safeguard our kids online.

Happinetz offers a robust yet uncomplicated solution for safeguarding my kids from content filtering to real-time monitoring

I'm impressed by the versatility of Happinetz. Its simplicity extends beyond the initial setup, allowing me to customize controls based on my child's age and interests.

Happinetz is a thoughtful approach to parental control that aligns with real-life parenting needs.

Happinetz has surely made online safety for kids uncomplicated and accessible.

I like that it isn't too complicated. There is only one app and you get to control everything from here.

Happinetz has made me a guilt-free parent because now we both are doing our work online and our child is in safe hands.

My kid loves "earning" the rewards through the Reward Cards system. That's such a cool thing to make our kids learn about the importance of screentime and online safety.

I recommend Happinetz to all parents with kids between 4-16 years of age. It is perfect because kids are not exposed to age inappropriate content.

I recommend Happinetz to all parents with kids between 4-16 years of age. It is perfect because kids are not exposed to age inappropriate content.

I love how seamlessly Happinetz connects to the home router and does what it promises. My family is happy using it. Definitely recommend.

Parenting just got simpler and safer – all thanks to Happinetz!

Happinetz helps with hassle-free online safety, straight and to the point.

From content filtering to screen time controls, Happinetz is the all-in-one solution for keeping my kids safe online.

Happinetz has grown to become a guardian angel for my child's online journey, ensuring a secure and enriching experience.

Plug, protect, play – that's the magic of Happinetz. It has made internet usage for my kids a safe journey

I like Happinetz's user-friendly interface. It's not just about protection; it's about understanding and managing my child's digital interactions.

If I make any changes to the pre-configured settings, with the "set to reset" button, I can easily switch back to the default settings for each mode. Seamlessly tech-savvy.

Using Happinetz for last 15 days. Such a useful product for home . Happy that I have setup this . Such an easy & effective solution

Streamlining parental controls without the hassle – Happinetz makes online safety a breeze

Parenting on the digital frontier is made easier with Happinetz – ensuring a secure, enriching experience.

Happinetz is the silent hero in our home, protecting my child from the pitfalls of the internet.

Safeguarding my child's innocence with Happinetz – because peace of mind is non-negotiable.

I always wondered about worry-free online exploration for my kids – Happinetz is the key to a safer internet.

Managing our kids' online experience has never been this stress-free, thanks to Happinetz. Now my brother has it in his home too.

Now I needn't worry about my kids being exposed to adult content online. By default, Happinetz has Safe search enabled on Google, Bing, and also YouTube. This is great!

Parenting in the digital age just got easier – kudos to Happinetz for keeping it simple and effective.

Happinetz makes navigating the online world for my daughter a worry-free experience.

Effortlessly manage screen time, effortlessly protect – Happinetz simplifies parental control. Don't think twice before buying.

Happinetz is where cutting-edge technology meets parental peace – a win-win for the whole family.

Happinetz is the virtual ally every parent needs for a safer, smarter online experience for their kids

Parental control is made simple with Happinetz and its all round features

Happinetz gives me peace of mind and control over my son's internet usage.

Happinetz not only filters content but also maintains a healthy balance in my child's screen time.

With Happinetz, I'm not just controlling screens; I'm shaping a safe digital environment for my family.

Happinetz is a game-changer in balancing screen time and internet safety for my niece.

Finally, a solution that empowers parents to safeguard their children online – thank you, Happinetz.

Happinetz is like a digital superhero, guarding my nephew against unwanted online content.

The best investment for my child's online well-being – Happinetz, a guardian in the digital realm.

Say goodbye to online worries with Happinetz – the ultimate tool for smart and secure parenting.

Every click matters when it comes to my child's online safety that's why I entrust it with Happinetz

Such simple setup and very good protection for children when they use internet.

Happinetz is a parental peace of mind – effortless online safety for my kids!

Protecting my child online has never been easier, thanks to Happinetz

A must-have for modern parenting – Happinetz keeps my nephews safe in the digital world.

With Happinetz, I've regained control over my child's online activities – quite a fantastic tool

As a parent, I love the peace of mind that comes with Happinetz – ensuring a safer online environment.

Happinetz effortlessly combines online safety and screen time management – a must for responsible parenting

Happinetz offers a seamless way to keep kids safe online

Digital parenting has been made simple, thanks to Happinetz

I began using Happinetz and realised it is where simplicity meets top-notch protection

Love Happinetz and all the features it has to offer

Simple steps for a secure online environment – that's Happinetz.

Happinetz uses simple steps for a secure online environment. I love how easy it is to use.

Happinetz is our secret weapon for easy and effective online safety.

We are working parents and our kid mostly stays with grand parents during office hours. I can now know what he is watching & control how much he can watch. Blocking websites & APP is so easy. I have controlled the gaming . Thankyou happinetz team

I am using this for past 1 month. Really appreciate how this team has kept in min small small things. History is really useful as i can see what my kids are browsing

My wife saw this product on Instagram and told me about it. We did the research together and made the purchase. No regrets!

I bought this after seeing Happinetz in my friend's house. It has made navigating screen time so much more easier.

Keeping it simple, keeping it safe – Happinetz delivers on both fronts.

Happinetz is need of the hour. I have controlled the screen time for my kids. I also liked their idea of happinetz card.

Happinetz is really good product. I have used other parental control in the past . This is really cheap and much better than other products . I like that it works on all device , from TV to laptop and phones.

I can check the internet history, whichever websites and apps were browsed. Happinetz does not track the specific activities which is amazing!

Its been a nightmare for me to control Internet for my 8 year old. Happinetz categories are so useful. I have blocked all OTT platform just by a click. Really happy with the system

I've been using Happinetz for quite a while now. And I'm happy that I get regular updates. I needn't change the box as well.

Absolutely love the Insights feature! It provides a comprehensive overview of my child's internet activities, allowing me to track usage by device or content type. This level of visibility is exactly what I was looking for to ensure my child's online safety.

Its an interesting product. I can block Instagram and Discord so easily. Need for every home if you have kids. Never used such a smart & easy solution.

Happinetz is really useful for my house. It was very difficult to control gaming . Also i have reduced the screen time from 8 hours to 3 hours I really feel this is required for every parent .

Happinetz is an all-in-one package! I get so many important features like setting screentime schedules, checking the internet insights, categorizing the websites and apps, filtering out millions of adult and unsecured websites, all with the help of a small box.

Happinetz has literally taken care of everything. Google and Bing Safe Search are mandatorily switched on. Youtube as well! They even have kids appropriate games. Worth the money!

I am really happy. I have blocked Instagram & snapchat for my kids. This has given me peace of mind.

I needn't install the app on all the devices that are connected to the Happinetz Wifi. Just install it on the parent's phone and you can manage screentime and the content that is being viewed by my kids.

The insights feature of Happinetz is really interesting. I can see the data based on devices and categories and the piechart gives an instant understanding of how my child uses the internet.

I am happy with happinetz. Recommended to my friends .

I am using happinetz from last 1 month for my kids. This is an effective product. What they claim they do. Internet access for my kids have gone from 8 hrs a day to 5 hrs a day

I can set two internet schedules each for my kids. I can also extend or pause the time. I have found that Happinetz really helps in managing excessive screentime.

Aacha product hai. Thoda time laga samjhne main. But effective hai. Maine aapne bacho ka online gaming per control kar liya hai . Social media ko control karna bahut aasan ho gaya hai

Happy with the device. Value for money. I like there filter setting. so easy to use.

What I like the most is that Happinetz has set clear categories for websites and apps. Social Media, Video & Entertainment, Chat and Forum etc have been clearly differentiated.

I have been using Happinetz at my home and I like the features it offers.

The installation of Happinetz is smooth. A tech-challenged person like me could easily setup in about ten minutes. The foolproof Manual and FAQs are of great help.

Happinetz lets me supervise what my child does online. I can see which websites and apps she browsers but without invading her privacy. This is a great feature.

Main Bhaut happy hoon, mere bache ab internet per kam time spend karte hai . Gaming ka solution bahut acha hai

Setup was so easy for me. I can access & control what my kids are watching from office. Love the insight & history feature. As a first time user of parental control , I think this is the best start.

Maine apne ghar per lagaya hai , bahut aache se kaam kar raha hai . Mhuje iska filter settings sabse aacha laga.

I am using happinetz for my kids of different age . Smart TV connection is the best feature. It has helped me control the screen time there.

As parents we often worry that our kids have access to the Internet. Happinetz has definitely helped many moms like me to exercise parental control over the Internet access of their kids.

Social media addiction in kids has become a growing concern in today’s digital age. And being a mother, the safety and welfare of my child is my first priority. I have found Happinetz really useful in reducing social media addiction in my kids.

I generally aim to reduce screen time for my kids as much as possible. I found an excellent solution for this through the Happinetz box.

I feel this product is best for parents, Best parental control I have used so far.

We've been using it for a month now and Happinetz is our secret weapon for easy and effective online safety.

Since education has shifted online, my daughter relies on the internet not just to research for her projects but to also learn something new. Happinetz Box, a one-stop solution for promoting healthier and more balanced screen time for kids.

Excessive gaming addiction is a challenge among kids. And Happinetz is a revolutionary product that can address this concern.

What I like the most is how I can pause or extend the internet schedules. This choice to modify the time is great!

I can connect all my devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, phones (Android and iOS) and Smart TV to Happinetz Box through the WiFi network.

I like that it is a subscription based model and i needn't buy the box again for an upgrade. So, it is worth the money!

I am very impressed with the box and I have been using it since its launch. I have zero worries when it comes to online safety for my kids.

Happinetz, as it's aptly named, is a children's internet filtering system that I had been long wishing for.

I like the insights feature. By revealing the devices they engage with and the nature of the content the kids interact with, this advantage empowers you with informed parental oversight.

I started searching for ways to regulate my child’s online activities and found that the best tool in hand is the website blockers. But it was a tedious task to block websites using browsers or anti-virus. Happinetz is the answer to all my digital parenting dilemmas.

Online dangers are not only limited to inappropriate content, there can be phishing attacks, accidental malware download, invasion of privacy etc. That's why we need to provide the internet to kids which has a safe search filter and Happinetz does it for us.

Happinetz gives me easy management and I can monitor everything through a single app.

I was paranoid about what my kids surfed One feature that was a boon for parents like me is that the browsing history gives me just the name of the site visited. It doesn’t delve into tracking individual activities within each site or app on the internet.

Whenever I have spoken to the parents in my vicinity, one complaint they have had is, how to control what their child sees on different gadgets. But with Happinetz, I can connect up to 10 devices including devices like mobile phones (Android and iOS), laptops, tablets and even smart TVs.

As a parent of kids who regularly spend time online for coursework, I worry about their online security and mental health. Through Happinetz, I found an effective and dependable way to keep them safe without intruding on their privacy.

Me being a full-time working mom doesn’t help much in reducing screentime for my kids. I found the solution to my problem with Happinetz.

Happinetz box is easy to install. Initially I thought I would need a technician for help. But the Installation guide helped me set up and activate the box in 5 minutes.

One of the standout features of Happinetz is its innovative “Multi-Level Filter,” designed to be the guardian of our children’s virtual exploration. So, you don’t have to sit on your child’s head and filter out the content not appropriate for them. Happinetz acts as a vigilant gatekeeper, allowing access only to age-appropriate content and shielding young users from potentially harmful material.

Happinetz is a great investment because it takes care of our child's digital safety. It blocks all inappropriate content from reaching our kids. Great!

I read an article recently on how bad internet could impact a child's life skills and mental health. This product makes me worry-free while my kids browse the internet.

I am so impressed by this box because it gives us immense flexibility as parents to decide what content will reach our kids.

What I like the most about Happinetz is that it has divided all the websites and apps on that internet into distinct categories. And we can enable or disable the categories based on what we want our kids to see. Perfect!

Adult and unsecured websites and apps are blocked and we cannot even change that setting! That is a great feature according to me.

Kids these days need screens not only for entertainment but also for education purposes due to online classes. Happinetz guarantees the best Internet Security for kids.

Happinetz has become a guardian of my kids when they surf the internet. I am very happy with this product.

A parental control filter like Happinetz has been a handy tool for my wife and I to keep an eye on our child when we are unable to be around her.

Happinetz, safe internet for kids, has helped me set boundaries around internet usage for my children.

Happinetz is very different from other parental control apps out there. It is very easy to install and only with one installation of the app on the parent phone you can control what happens to all the devices in the Happinetz network.

I am using it at my home & am really happy with the product

This box allows me to supervise her online activities discreetly. It also ensures my child browses age-appropriate websites and consumes content that aligns with her maturity level.

What I really needed was a system that protects my daughter 24*7 online and take responsibility for her security on the internet. Especially since I cannot always be present physically to monitor nor is it humanly possible. I tackled this major issue with the help of Happinetz – An Expert Internet Filtering System.

In today's digital world, Happinetz is a must-have for vigilant parents like us. It's an investment in our children's well-being, ensuring they can explore the digital realm while we remain in control.

When I heard that safe internet for kids was something that Happinetz was promising, I was doubtful. Was it really possible to have a box that could safeguard my children online? After having used it for almost a month, I can safely say that Happinetz delivers what it promises.

I have been in the the process of trying to bring down my son's screen time from 4-5 hours a day to 20 minutes a day. It was not easy and the fights were pretty bad. But I managed to find a solution in the form of Happinetz. I have now set my slots and my son knows that he only gets that much time. The tantrums have significantly reduced.

Social media brings a lot of anxiety and ego clashes at home. While we have an open dialogue, it is important to do what’s right for your child. I was looking for Safe Internet For Kids and I found it in Happinetz.

Though there are many apps that offer parental control options, the experience is always limited. It makes the devices hang, it collects significant data from your phone and your child’s device, which is the last thing you need. However with Happinetz, I have seen that I can circumvent all those problems by eliminating the need to install apps, no third party routing and it simply creates a new network that acts as an automatic filter for a safe internet space.

Going by my personal experience of installing Happinetz at home for more than two weeks now, I would say, Happinetz has been a great solution to combat phone addiction. It actually works. After setting up Happinetz at my home, I am feeling a lot more relaxed and calmer than before since there are no arguments happening over screen time with my pre-teen.

While we take lots of measures to protect kids from falling into the trap of Social Media and unethical websites, there are chances that they sneak into such websites, which are not just addictive but also damage their devices. Therefore, I have found that it’s absolutely essential to have a system in place that prevents kids from accessing such websites. Happinetz, a parental control filter box, has been helpful in my household.

When I installed Happinetz, I was not expecting it to remove ads from different games my son plays. But to my surprise most of the ads, are gone. The game plays smoothly!

What sets it apart from YouTube Parental Control is its holistic approach. It filters content across the entire internet, not just on specific platforms. It blocks or restricts access to inappropriate content on various websites, social media platforms, apps and online services.

I have tried everything to curb screen time of my children at home. It has had mixed success. Which is why when I read about Happinetz' personalized screen time manager, I jumped. Now, Happinetz takes care of my kids' screen time and I don't have to get into arguments with them.

As parents we try all tricks to make sure our children are safe when they surf the internet. But, we as adults know that the internet is not a safe place and has many pitfalls. Happinetz Box with its filtering and blocking of more than 22 million websites and apps has been a great addition to my house to ensure my daughter (13) and son (9) are safe online.

Happinetz is everything we parents need to make the internet safe for our kids. From quick and easy installation to smooth monitoring, this is indeed a stress-free parental control measure

We have a family technology plan which was developed after the pandemic on time spent on the gadget. But we were finding it hard to follow the rules. Thanks to Happinetz, I have set time slots for my daughter and she knows that's the time she will get the internet. She has started to use the internet more smartly and I have seen a positive change in her behaviour.

I have been using Happinetz for the last 2 weeks. Now, I set the time for my son to use his tablet. Once the set time is over, the internet automatically shuts down on his device. I have noticed that the crying and meltdowns have reduced a lot.

My anxiety to ensure online safety for my kid led me to try various tools. That is when I came across Happinetz. Safe internet for our kids is our top priority and Happinetz gave us the reason to be tension free and relax.

Happinetz Box has been developed in lieu with ease of use, safety, and security which I feel makes it an indispensable instrument for digital age modern parents.

I have found a solution in Happinetz to fight the internet challenges for kids, teens, and young adults. Happinetz is a box providing parents with a solution to offer their kids safe internet.

Social media addiction is a challenge for children today. Apart from following routines and tech-free zones in the house, a parental control system like Happinetz can help parents set boundaries around social media usage.

As parents, we believe we are informed about our children's online activities but that's far from the truth. The jungle of the internet is filled with wild predators and snakes waiting to attack your naive young ones. Happinetz' Insights and History are my favourite features. They allow me to see just where my child is spending their time online.

Filters are the trump card for Happinetz. The Filter layer has as many as 15 categories of websites and apps. For instance, ‘adult’ category is toggled off by default.

Children will spend time online but as parents we have to be cautious and on our guard. The statistics you read about cyberbullying and attacks are scary which is why I did not hesitate to buy Happinetz when I read that it has 15 categories to scan the internet and block age inappropriate content. I can now rest easy that my child is safe when he surfs the internet for studies or entertainment.

My child is glued to his gadgets every time but Happinetz manages his screen time and filters adult content all the time. So, all in all, a good deal